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Has there ever been a bigger white privilege and toxic masculinity issue than the one that has run rampant through Silicon Valley and now is raping Austin? With some of the world's most visible VC rich boys swarming ATX after they gutted SV, the drugs, abuse, adultery, and misery have come with them. Jacob Medwell

While this may not come as a surprise to the people of Silicon Valley, it will not be tolerated by the good people of Texas. As a proud and now former sex worker that was regularly hired by that fraternity of men, it wasn't just the fact that VC pays for coke binges and hookers like me, but they are bringing this rot to my home state and will poison the community and the families that built it.

By far the worst offender is a man by the name of Jacob Medwell (google him and his bros at 8vc) and his {rampant|addiction, abuse of women, and general disregard for the money he's been given fiduciary responsibilitie to "invest", is something his investors need to understand.

More to come, but know this, Jake, his crew, and all those like him will be exposed.